Discovering the Various Types of Veterinary Capnographs

In the veterinary medicine sector, capnographs have changed the landscape of animal treatment and care. A capnograph is a device that measures and records the partial pressure of carbon dioxide (CO2) eliminated during an animal’s respiratory cycle.ย 

In this article, we will delve into the various types of veterinary capnographs, with a particular focus on those produced by Kalstein, a leading manufacturer in the field.

Types of Veterinary Capnographs

There are several types of veterinary capnographs, depending on their design and functionality, and they can be purchased at different prices. Kalstein, to meet the needs of various veterinarians at competitive prices, has diversified its offer and produced several types of capnographs.

  1. Side Stream Capnographs

A side stream capnograph is a non-invasive monitoring device. It uses a tube connected to one end of the animal’s respiratory circuit. The tube sucks a small sample of the animal’s gas at a consistent speed towards the capnograph for analysis. This spectacular medical instrument is widely used in prolonged surgeries or in critical care treatments. True to its commitment to innovation, Kalstein manufactures high-quality side stream capnographs at affordable prices.

  1. Main Stream Capnographs

The main stream capnograph is placed directly in the animal’s respiratory circuit. Unlike the side stream, this type does not need a suction pump as it directly analyzes the exhaled gas. They are more accurate and provide real-time results, which is essential during surgeries or critical treatments. Kalstein, as a leading manufacturer, offers this high-precision capnograph at accessible prices in the veterinary market.

Technological Advances in Capnographs

The advancement in technology has also impacted the quality and diversity of capnographs. The modern digital capnograph, thanks to its advanced software, has the ability to collect, store, and analyze information faster than ever.ย 

Kalstein, always at the forefront, offers a wide range of digital capnographs. These devices come with integrated software that provides a real-time visualization of the CO2 curve, allowing veterinarians to make quick and accurate decisions.

The Future of Veterinary Capnographs

The demand for capnographs has soared in recent years due to the need for accurate health monitoring tools in veterinary medicine. The purchase of these devices is a valuable investment for any veterinary clinic. Meanwhile, due to high demand, the sale of capnographs is also a lucrative business.

Veterinary capnographs are transforming animal care, providing accurate measurements of their respiratory functions in operations and critical situations. Recognizing the different types of capnographs, from side stream and main stream to modern digital ones, can help veterinary professionals choose the most suitable device for their needs.

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