Home Security Storage Cabinets: How do they work?

Generally, chemicals are used in most households, and keeping them out of the reach of children is a priority for every housewife. The inadequate storage of these materials symbolizes a great risk for people and the environment. Therefore, storage cabinets help protect, classify each chemical, reduce risks and ensure personal and environmental safety.

In this way, safe storage is a simple care to avoid risks. Chemical safeguards and classification management are important. It is important to select the right cabinet for a particular care or environment, which becomes a challenge for each user.

Safety Methods

In most homes, they usually use chemicals for their activities and surely use household chemicals directly and indirectly, so inadequate shelter can leave unfavorable consequences that harm the environment. In the case of such chemicals, some cause accidents on their own and can be transformed when they have contact with other types of substances. That is why through a good way of storing and classifying come to promote the welfare of the environment around them.

And for this purpose the use of cabinets, ensure proper installation thanks to the ventilation systems they contain, and avoid undesired accidents. On the other hand, it is essential to avoid heat sources, in addition to fire measures, and with drainage systems in the home to be able to control possible spills of these substances.

Likewise, another of the safety methods has to do with avoiding activities that occur near the cabinets, since a simple spark can lead to a fire or explosion.

Home Storage System

It is advisable that the storage of dangerous household products be done as follows:

  • Store household chemicals out of reach of children.
  • Always keep cabinets closed with child-resistant safety measures.
  • Packaging should be suitable for product stowage and should not remove labels describing the contents, and in case of wear, it is advisable to change them.
  • It is not advisable to store products in food containers, because it lends itself to confusion.
  • Do not mix household products or waste with other products. For example, the combination of chlorine and ammonia can burn or explode.
  • Any spills of products should be cleaned up promptly.

Types of Household Products for Storage

To avoid accidents, it is recommended to properly place the various products within the security storage enclosures. Among them are

  • Hair fixative and deodorant.
  • Nail paint and remover.
  • Degreasers for furniture.
  • Insecticides.
  • Car products, such as antifreeze or engine oil.
  • Batteries, mercury thermometers and fluorescent lights.
  • Fuel products such as kerosene, heating chemicals, propane tanks and lighter fluid.
  • Workshop utensils and paint as is the case of diluents.
  • Herbicides and garden poisons.

It should be noted that metal cabinets are the most suitable to store these types of goods to avoid corrosive effect. Each one of them needs the right storage media. For example, plastic containers should always be equipped and stored in places protected from sunlight and cold, to avoid deformation.

On the other hand, glass containers are recommended to be stored in small quantities because they are fragile, and close to trays that are specially designed for manual storage and handling of dangerous liquid products. These storage units have a load capacity per level of 200kg and are adjustable in height, to adapt them according to the needs of each user.

Security Storage Cabinets Brand Kalstein

It should be noted that there are various equipment that offer security of many schemes and Kalstein as manufacturers we offer you the best and advanced Security Storage Cabinets corresponding to the YR series, which have an automatic protection function, because they have double secure and reliable locks, providing double security. The lock and closet lock is standardized, with improved safety factor and a volume of 90 GAL / 340 GAL.

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