How do i handle a thermal crib?

Thermal cradles are energy devices used in newborns to transmit warm temperatures to them and thus to air the mattress where the patient rests. By this mechanism, the heat source is separated from the newborn, at least one meter away and because it generates a comfortable environment, it is not necessary to moisten the equipment’s capacities.ย 

The use of thermal cots is due to the fact that it provides space available for any medical procedure required by the newborn, such as intubation, placement of catheters for central venous access and various surgical procedures during the hospital stay.

Thermal Cot Use Recommendations

These energy devices have radiant mechanisms with the objective of heating the newborn for optimal control and care at the patient’s reach. Its management is simple, so the following recommendations must be taken into account:

  • Watch that the light is on.
  • The control panel is simple and consists of digital buttons to measure the time.
  • It is a heat sensor system that is placed in the abdomen of the newborn to know its temperature.
  • It has fixed and wide indicators.
  • It is safe to move equipment, as it has braking system located on the wheels.
  • The thermal cradle is heated to 100% for 12 minutes and then lowered to 25%, to stay ready for use. Heat adjustments can be made in 5% increments to precisely adapt the heat level.ย 
  • The heat is evenly distributed by the heater precisely adapted to the size of the bed.ย 
  • It’s innovative probe protector prevents the skin probe from peeling off the baby, reducing the risk of overheating by not monitoring the temperature.ย 
  • If the baby’s skin temperature deviates by ยฑ1ยฐC from the set value, a “baby check” alarm is generated. The apparatus stops heating if the temperature exceeds the desired value by 1ยฐC, and becomes operational again only when the deviation of the fixed temperature drops from 1ยฐC


Medical training for the correct control of the Thermal Cribs

The work of the medical team in the use of thermal cradles is the main challenge in neonatology units worldwide, since the life of a newborn is under their care.ย 

The health personnel must understand the role they play and the understanding of the thermal environment, in the care of patients, for this it is essential to know the physiological basis of thermoregulation, in addition to assume that thermal stability is much more than the simple use of a thermometer and own criteria, but also, in techniques based on scientific knowledge. That is why the practice is based on three fundamental aspects:

  • Perform nursing careย 
  • Collaborate with the rest of the health teamย 
  • Apply care based on the care process, such as: assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation. Care is provided to achieve an appropriate environment from the point of view of development, physical care, food and care for parents. These provide protection, are generative and focused on valuing babies as people and not just as biological beings.


Thermal cradle brand KALSTEIN

The goal is to help clinical staff detect diseases in advance, access more information and intervene early with more direct treatments so patients can enjoy their lives fully.ย 

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