How many days of sunbathing are recommended for babies?

July 1, 2022by Kalstein

Once babies are born and discharged, one of the most common indications of pediatricians are so-called sunbaths, these can be taken at home, and usually especially in first-time parents is usually an unknown practice, also ignoring the benefits of them and the most appropriate way to perform them.

These sunbaths, in particular, are extremely important for the health of the newborn, because of the multiple benefits and vitality that they confer on the child. Therefore, it is essential that parents learn to perform them in the most appropriate way, considering that the skin of the newborn is very delicate.

How to perform sunbathing on newborns?

To perform sunbathing to newborns it is very important to take care of the baby’s skin from possible damage or injuries such as heatstroke or burns. The way to perform sunbathing safely is as follows:

  • It is recommended to do the sunbathing before 10 am.
  • Dress it in cotton clothes, thin and light colors.
  • Placing them behind a window or glass through which the sun rays pass, the window serves as protection.
  • The child can be held in the arms or placed in a baby carrier.
  • It can also be placed in a car and walked for up to 10 minutes in the sun.
  • Do not expose it more than 10 minutes to the sun, since the skin of babies is very sensitive.

How many days are the sunbaths needed?

The days of sunbathing are really indicated by the doctor of the newborn, so parents should follow the instructions given by the doctor about it, in most cases what is advised is only two or three weeks of exposure to sunlight, but if it is the case of premature babies or cases of jaundice stronger should strictly follow the medical indication.

In countries with long winters and low sunlight, these sunbaths for newborns is an excellent recommendation to get good levels of vitamin D, and thus avoid a number of diseases as time goes on, increasing the quality of life of these children and influencing in a very positive way their future lifestyle.

Benefits of sunbathing for newborns

  • Production of vitamin D, since when penetrating the sun’s rays the skin, triggers a series of chemical reactions that give rise to the formation of vitamin D, indispensable for the absorption of calcium at the intestinal level, and thus maintain the levels of calcium and phosphorus within the normal limits.
  • It helps to absorb calcium at the level of the bones.
  • It helps to increase bone mineral density, reducing the incidence of fractures and favoring proper tooth formation.
  • The sun allows the newborn to establish its natural biological clock.
  • It greatly reduces neonatal jaundice.
  • Avoid the onset of rickets in children.

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