Importance of Microplate Washer for the diagnosis of Chagas disease

Due to the need to deploy natural processes that discover good relationship with conventional studies used for the determination of Chagas disease, the microplate washer becomes the ideal tool for such purposes. Although it is a team that does not detect diseases, its participation together with the functions of the reader of Elisa, are part of the results.

Therefore, thanks to the functions that this equipment fulfills, the user can very easily apply the various tests in the laboratory, in order to standardize the technique of Elisa and the microplate washer to evaluate the efficiency as a diagnostic test using serological samples by digital processes.

In this way Kalstein offers you the microplate washer designed to sanitize the polyethylene surface by removing all kinds of unbound material and various reagents that did not react.

Cleaning Method for Detecting Chagas Disease

The diagnosis of antibodies is the main method for the determination of Chagas, caused by the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi, transmitted from animals, people infected by raw food containing feces of infected animals, congenitally, organ transplantation or exposure to the laboratory, and with the microplate washer brand Kalstein, based on its effectiveness through the reader is an important task, using serological tests and blood deposited in wells that can be obtained by fingerstick, when the collection and preservation of serum is not achieved, the unbound immunoglobulins are eliminated by the cycles of washing. Therefore, the following key points should be taken into account for cleaning methods:

  • Parameters: it is due to the volume of washing, where the equipment dispenses the solutions to meet the cleaning of wells, the higher, the better. Since with very little solution will remain waste causing errors.
  • Number of Cycles: The higher the number of washes, the lower the bottom. But if there are too many washes, it can reduce the signal intensity and make it difficult to practice. It is recommended to do this three times after each stage.
  • Aspiration: The distance from the aspirate can significantly stimulate residual volume, because if the distance between the wash tip and the bottom of the reaction well is slightly greater, the residual volume will increase dramatically. But, if the washout vertex is forced against the bottom of the well, it will make the suction less efficient.

It should be noted that the Elisa technique has been used for the determination of multiple diseases since the 70s, considered as the best sensitive methodology that does not require specialized infrastructure, only trained human equipment for its use, demonstrating that with the use of the equipment the results are reliable and demonstrate safety in the results.

Tips and Precautions

To make the washing effect the best way, it is recommended that the user adheres to the ideal cleaning cycles, and for this they should take into account the following tips:

  • The equipment is only to be used for in vitro diagnosis.
  • It is not advisable to mix different substances, only suitable solutions, substrate, stop and diluents of serum.
  • Use different, sanitized pipettes for each phase.
  • Use disposable materials.
  • Do not use the plate if it is damaged.
  • Controls and samples should be handled with caution.
  • Do not pipette with your mouth.
  • Cautiously manage inactive antigens contained in wells.
  • Any used material should be discarded because it is highly infectious.
  • To ensure the productivity of the equipment, a prior evaluation is recommended.
  • Prevent substances from drying out.
  • Being cautious about handling substances can cause skin changes.

Microplate Washer (Elisa) Brand Kalstein

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