Importance of Ultra Freezers for Human Organs

For a few years, deep-freezers have become an essential element in the field of medicine, especially in the field of transplantology. It is a technology that allows the preservation of organs and tissues for long periods of time, which greatly facilitates processes.

Ultra-freezers are able to keep organs at -196ยบC, allowing them to remain in perfect condition for several years. Thus, when transplantation is needed, the organ is immediately available and there is no need to wait for a donor to be produced.

Main Functions

High-quality organs can be accessed using ultrabezoids, which significantly reduce the chances of complications during transplantation. They work by using a mixture of refrigerant gas and ammonia. This mixture vaporizes and expands through a series of tubes and valves in the unit, allowing it to cool the air circulating through it. Cold air is then used to cool the products stored in the unit. To keep the temperature inside the unit, a simple temperature control valve is used that adjusts to allow more or less cold air to enter. This means that if the internal temperature starts to rise, the valve will open to allow more cold air to enter and cool the unit.

Another area where deep freezers are particularly useful is in the case of deceased donor organs. In such cases, time is of the essence, because an organ can cease to function within minutes. Ultra-freezers allow the organ to remain in perfect condition for several hours, which greatly facilitates movement and transplantation.

In short, they are an essential technology in the field of medicine, as they allow significantly improving the transplant process. They can conserve organs and tissues for long periods of time, greatly facilitating access to quality organs.


The ability of the ultrafeezers to keep the samples at extremely low temperatures allows them to significantly prolong the service life of these. The products stored in these units can be kept fresh for months or even years, making them perfect for long-term storage. This is especially useful for human organs, as it allows them to be shipped and stored for a longer period of time without deteriorating.

They are also useful for products that require quick freezing. The ability of these units to reach such low temperatures in such a short time is vital for many products, such as vaccines, which must be frozen as quickly as possible to maintain their effectiveness.

There are many benefits to using ultra freezers compared to other forms of storage, such as conventional refrigerators. The main benefits of ultra freezers are:

  • They significantly extend the shelf life of the samples as they can be kept cool for months or even years.
  • They can quickly freeze the samples.
  • They keep the temperature constant.

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