Microplate Washer for Microbiological Diagnosis of Viral Hepatitis

To perform microbiological studies in the laboratory, medical equipment is necessary especially for the determination of viral or viral diseases such as hepatitis. Using the Elisa technique, it is possible to detect the disease of specific antibodies to viral antigens in serum samples of the patient, which are part of the microbiological load establishing virological diagnosis of it.

Also, the microplate washer carries out the operations for the demonstration and diagnosis of diseases, since its use is essential because it must be implemented before any practice. It is one of the crucial parts of the study during laboratory analyzes, because it allows to obtain effective and accurate results by using phosphate buffer or PBS solutions.

In this sense, Kalstein can provide you with the ideal equipment for the laboratory and perform washing processes of the microplate, in charge of removing adhered materials and reagents that were not transformed before the test.

Importance of Microplate Washer

The microplate washer resides during Elisa’s practice, and is responsible for cleaning any type of material or substance that binds to the microplate wells at critical stages during the functions of the technique. The Elisa technique is based on unbound antibody reactions on the polymer surface, where immunoglobulin does not bind by resistance to the antigen and are excluded during the course of washing.

Generally, cleaning processes are performed by manual practices, but if cases are high and contaminated substances are involved, it is advisable to use the microplate washer. It is essential that the cleaning cycles and buffer amounts in each well are respected. In addition, the irrigation time must be taken into account to exclude any unbound substance during the reaction, providing the necessary time to access the transmission of the elements to be eliminated with the chemical systems, achieving optimal performance. It develops with top-down subtraction and simultaneous dispensing in wells.

Microplate Washer Involvement for Viral Microbiological Processes

Thanks to the technology used by the microplate washer inside the chemical laboratories, they provide accurate microbiological diagnostic results, accompanied by essential techniques such as Elisa for the detection of viral hepatitis. Meets simple manual systems for small labs to complex automated testing for spaces with higher workloads.

In this sense, Elisa is the qualitative enzyme immunoassay instrument in charge of measuring possible infections caused by this disease, by analyzing the patient’s plasma or serum. During the development of the viral hepatitis specimen, they are bound to an enzyme that is added to the antibody-coated wells to be coated and diagnosed as such.

It should be noted that there is not such an efficient equipment to comply with these processes as Kalstein’s Microplate Washer, providing with total safety the hygienization of wells where samples are deposited when they are in critical stage and during the development of the technique.

Microplate Washing Machine Brand Kalstein

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