More common problems when using an anesthetic machine?

The proper functioning of medical equipment in surgical procedures is of great interest for the medical personnel who operate it, as for the patients who depend on it. With respect to the use of the anesthesia machine, it is of great value to know how to operate to avoid future complications.ย 

Anesthesia machines are a tool that provides gases to sleep the patient. Today, science has recognized becoming an indispensable medical equipment transformer for countless operating procedures. It is rare that they present some errors, that affect their proper functioning, so knowing them to solve them and as much as possible avoid them is a necessity.

Difficulties in the Handling of the Anesthetic Machine

During the use of the anesthesia machine, great care should be taken to manipulate the flow meter, which is responsible for automating the flow and speed of the gas, and demonstrates the correct way to supply it to the patient. When it fails, it can reflect problems in the composition of the gas and there is a high probability that a hypoxic mixture will be generated, that is, a serious risk for the patient. If the gage is suspected of running problems, the floating coil should be checked immediately to ensure that it is not stuck, so that leaks can be determined.

With regard to gas pressure, the supply quantity should be monitored, so if it decreases in any case, different factors are likely to be affected, setting off an alarm so that the fault is immediately reviewed.ย 

When this situation occurs, it should be checked whether the levels of gas supplied have decreased, and a detailed check is made at all points of the road between the machine and the patient. In the event of a fault correction, the sensors must be inspected to rectify that they are correctly positioned and operating without any problems.

Human errors by using the Anesthetic Machine

The reason for the errors in the handling of the anesthesia machine, is based on the malpractice of the person in charge of handling it, where the main cause, is due to the lack of a control before its use, and the last minute modifications in the respiration systems and vaporizers, causes irreparable results.

Correcting these errors, lies in paying attention to the design of the equipment, as well as, having knowledge of its handling of each of the parts that make up the equipment, through the study of the manuals factory, under the premise of avoiding to the maximum human errors, and that warn about adverse situations is also an effective solution.

Recommendations for the correct use of the Anesthetic Machine

By performing a good maintenance, it is possible to guarantee the operation of the equipment, providing useful life, both for the machine and for the patient connected to it.ย 

Therefore, the control of the anesthesia machines is an interesting point to certify their good work, while avoiding errors, so that to perform it regularly throughout the day and before performing a surgical procedure, is essential. It is not too much to keep a record during surgical methods, to protect the patient’s care at all times and avoid eventualities.

Anesthesia machines in Spain

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