Overcoming barriers in laboratories: getting better results with industrial washers"

Laboratories look for the most effective ways to process test or research results, in order to obtain the best results; however, sometimes the initial steps can be overwhelming if the right equipment is not available; at this point, one of the first steps prior to obtaining results is washing the sample.ย 

This practice prior to performing any basic laboratory task, including separation, curing, drying, sorting, is an important part of obtaining positive results.ย 

Industrial washing machines are one of the best ways to overcome this barrier

These devices can be used in any laboratory, offering excellent adaptability, speed and efficiency in all washing processes.ย 

These devices have a rotating device that produces pressure on the sample to achieve the best level of cleanliness, ideal for medical laboratories, pharmaceuticals, scientific research, food products and microorganisms.ย 

Benefits generated by industrial washers in laboratories in relation to sample washingย 

One of the main reasons for opting for the industrial washer is its capacity to handle different amounts of samples; the washers are designed to handle from small amounts of sample to large samples of several liters.ย 

This allows massive washing, which saves time by avoiding the manual rinsing cycle of small amounts of samples; safety factors related to these devices should also be considered.ย 

Characteristics of industrial washing machines

Many industrial washers have different safety mechanisms to prevent personal injury and property damage, such as a safety timer, an automatic shut-off feature when the door is open, and a safe motor.ย 

Laboratories also require extreme precision when washing and sterilizing; control of water, temperature and pressure is vital to this process, and industrial washers are tailored specifically to the needs of the laboratory, saving water, detergent, lubricants and energy.ย 

Industrial washers offer an excellent way to overcome laboratory barriers and achieve high levels of cleanliness in a short period of time

Having a state-of-the-art device also provides the ability to connect it to external software, through which the user can monitor the washing process online.

This helps personnel control all stages of the process, from setting wash temperatures and speeds to monitoring the input and output systems that ensure consistent results.ย 

In short; these devices are safe, easy to install and adjust and have a high configurability to suit individual user needs, thus ensuring the best results for research.

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