2Liter Ultrasonic Cleaner For Jewelry YR05209

Manufacturer: Kalstein


YR05209 as a ultimate multi-purpose household cleaner. It’s digital timing and heating control, super easy to operate.Clean anywhere you go with this powerful cleaner. As we all know, cleaning jewelry regularly is important and our cleaners can help you out.we also have CE,FCC,ROHS,PSE certificates.

Introduction of ultrasonic cleaner

The high-frequency vibration signal from the ultrasonic cleaner of the digital ultrasonic cleaner in the laboratory is converted into high-frequency mechanical vibration by the transducer, so that it can be spread in the cleaning liquid, and tens of thousands of tiny bubbles will be generated due to the flow of the liquid. The negative pressure area formed in the process of ultrasonic propagation will form and grow, and will close rapidly in the positive pressure area. This process can produce instantaneous high pressure of more than 1000 atmospheric pressure, which is continuous and is called “cavitation effect”. It is like a series of explosions, which constantly impact the surface and cracks of objects, so as to achieve a comprehensive cleaning effect.

Name Ultrasonic cleaner Voltage ● AC110-120V 60Hz

● AC220-240V 50Hz

Model YR05209 Power 70W
Packing size 242*227*275mm Ultrasonic frequency 40KHz
Internal groove size 150*135*100mm Time setting 10-600S
Tank capacity 2L Net weight 2.7KG


Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 27 × 25 × 29 cm

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