Benchtop Normal Lab Freeze Dryer YR05186

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

Freeze dryer is widely used in medicine, pharmacy, biology research, chemical industry and food production ,etc. After the freeze drying process, a long term preservation for products is much easier. They can be restored to the original state and maintain their chemical and biological characteristics after being watered.
Advantages Of YR Laboratory Freeze Dryer Series
  • Plexiglass material bell jar, clear to observe drying effect. With 4 stainless steel trays.
  • LCD touch screen, can display temperature and vacuum degree, with drying curve.With USB interface, can download history data.
  • Cold trap for prefreezing, withframes for prefreezing, no need to buy freezer again.
  • Vacuum pump included, high pumping speed.
  • CFC Free refrigeration
  • LCD display drying curves, English interface
  • Big opening of condenser, condenser with pre-freezing function
  • Low noise compressor, good efficiency,long service life
  • Condenser and operation panel are all stainless steel
  • Drying Chamber with organic glass is safe and visible
  • Shelf and tray are stainless steel, tray spacing can be customized
  • Small volume , easy and convenient operation
  • Nitrogen valve is optional
  • Eutectic point test device is optional
  • Communication interface is optional
  • Cascade refrigeration is optional , applied for -80℃ device
Technical Description
Model YR05186
Freeze drying area 0.12㎡
Condenser capacity 3-4 L /24h
Condenser temperature -55℃ (-80 ℃ optional)
 Vacuum degree < 10 Pa
Material tray Ф200mm , 4 layers
Bulk capacity 1.2L, 10mm thickness
Vial capacity Φ12mm 920 pcs
Vial capacity Φ16mm 480 pcs
Vial capacity Φ22mm 260 pcs
 Manifold with 8 ports
Flask 1000ml,500ml ,250ml ,100ml
Cooling Air,draughty , ambient temperature≤25℃
Voltage 220V ,50 Hz;   110V, 50Hz;  110V, 60Hz
 Power 700W
 Dimension 460×625×(370+465) mm
Host weight 41 kg

Additional Information

Weight 102 kg
Dimensions 60 × 76 × 65 cm

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