Binocular Laboratory Microscope YR0254


Product Description

Its classification is related to its uses and the type of laboratory. In this case, we present you the model Zoom Stereo Microscope YR0254. The best option for you and your laboratory. A stereo microscope provides a lower magnification than compound microscopes. This instrument is also known as a dissecting microscope. This type of microscope magnification usually ranges from 5x to 80x and the images are in three dimensions rather than a flat image.

This type of microscope

It is a variant of the common optical microscope, which is designed for the observation of a sample at low magnification. In these cases, the operator uses the light reflected from the surface of an object instead of transmitting it through it. This device uses two separate optical paths that produce a three-dimensional view of the sample being examined. Among the uses of this device, there is the study of solid samples, close work such as dissection, microsurgery and forensic engineering. Another interesting fact about stereo microscopes is that they are essential tools in the field of entomology.

In most cases, a stereo microscope uses reflected lighting instead of transmitted lighting. This means that it uses light reflected from the surface of an object rather than light transmitted through an object. Using light reflected from the object allows examination of samples that would be too thick or opaque for compound microscopy.

This stereo microscope

It has high-quality optical components, which provide a sharp and striking contrast image and ensure a flat image at great depth of field. Its ergonomic design alleviates fatigue, making it more comfortable for the lap operator, especially when spending many hours studying and dissecting a sample. This model has a LED light for incident and transmitted illumination, which provides uniform illumination and its lifespan can reach up to 6000 hours. About its uses, this device is the ideal instrument for industrial assembly, inspection and teaching field, with a complete set of eyepieces, objectives and accessories.

Technical Specifications
Model YR0254
Head Binocular, Inclined 45°, Interpupillary Distance 55~75mm o
Trinocular, Inclined 45°, Interpupillary Distance 55~75mm
Eyepiece Extra Wide Field EW10x/22mm, High Eyepoint, Diopter Adjustable
Zoom Objective 0.8x~5x
Zoom Ratio 01:06.3
Working Distance 115mm
Stand Track Stand, With Glass Pate Dia. 125mm
Illumination Up & Down LED Light, Brightness Adjustable
Power 100~240V Wide Range Voltage
Zoom Stereo Microscope Optional Accessories
Eyepiece WF15x/16mm YR0254-op1
WF20x/12mm YR0254-op2
WF30x/ YR0254-op3
EW10x/20 Retical Eyepiece, With Cross Hair YR0254-op4
Auxiliary Lens 0.5x, W.D.220mm YR0254-op5
0.7x, W.D.113mm YR0254-op6
2x, W.D.45mm YR0254-op7
Adapter Photo Adapter YR0254-op8
0.5x C-Mount YR0254-op9
1.0x C-Mount YR0254-op10

Additional Information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 36,7 × 30,9 × 51,7 cm

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