Biological tissue freeze embedding machine {6 liters, with cooling plate} YR448

Manufacturer: Kalstein


  • Imported OLED module display, clear writing, you can clearly observe the display data from any angle
  • The interface layout is reasonable, the working status icon is displayed, the button LED indicates, the working status is clear at a glance
  • Full automatic program control by computer, can be preset to turn on and off at any time every week
  • The integrated temperature measurement block imported from the United States has high precision and reliable performance. Independent seven channel PID temperature control, do not affect each other
  • Using a new type of flexible heating element, rapid heating, uniform heating, energy saving and reliable
  • Double overheat protection device; safe and reliable
  • With memory and automatic recall functions, the preset temperature is automatically retained after operation
  • Two modes of operation, manual mode to start and stop immediately, automatic mode with power off memory, call auto power function
  • The appearance is novel, split design, inlay machine, freezer, free combination
  • The left and right boxes are enlarged, suitable for all kinds of dehydration baskets, the inner and outer boxes are separate design, which is convenient to take out and change the wax and keep
  • Enlarged forceps storage platform, large and small forceps can be placed, unique diversion groove design to prevent paraffin overflow
  • Large workbench design with wax block repair device, multi-functional use
  • Equipped with universal metal hose magnifier, users can adjust by themselves according to their needs, suitable for the organization and operation of very small samples.
  • The cooling station adopts the original imported compressor and the imported environmentally friendly fluorine-free refrigerant, which has superior cooling effect
  • The freezer has super cool mode and temperature control mode; high temperature control precision
  • Imported semiconductor random small cold table, instant cooling, convenient for rapid sample positioning and embedding, and improve work efficiency
  • Large capacity wax bath to ensure massive tissue inlay can be completed in one go
  • The cold light source low-voltage lighting system adopts imported CPU constant current independent control, and the brightness is continuously adjusted without flickering
  • The lighting adopts the universal metal hose design, the lighting angle can be adjusted arbitrarily, and it is more convenient to observe the tissue samples.
  • The imported valve adjusts the flow rate of the wax nozzle, which is suitable for various tissue inlay treatments
  • Automatic soft touch switch and foot switch dual control flow wax design, two ways are free to choose
  • Perfect wax flow system design, automatic wax discharge, precise position and convenient inlay operation
  • It is equipped with a controlled power outlet socket to realize the control of the on and off timing of other equipment such as the freezing station and the machine at the same time
Technical description
Model YR448
Cryo module temperature ranges 0 a -20 C
Cryo module temperature setting The optimal working temperature is
about -10 C, and the temperature
is under delay protection
Cryo module dimensions 315脳380 mm.
Working voltage
CA 220V +/- 10% 50Hz (Standard Model); AC110V +/- 10% 60Hz
Power 300W
Dimensions 710x350x390mm (WxDxH)
Net Weight 25kg

Additional information

Weight 116 kg
Dimensions 85 × 123 × 71 cm

Cooling Plate: 70 * 45 * 53, Inclusion Machine: 67 * 63 * 52

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