Clinical Chemistry Reagents YRA1 // YRA14

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

Laboratory chemical reagents are chemical substances used in laboratories to make determinations of the content of other substances, the distribution of the constituents of the sample, to perform analysis, synthesis and finally to be able to do research and scientific work.

The blood lipid elements: TCH, TG, HDL-C LDL-C , APOA1, the APOB, Lp(a), HCY, TIR.

The elements of liver function: ALP, ฮณ-GT, AST, ALT, TP, ALB, TBIL, DBIL, CHE, TBA, safe, ADA, 5′-NT, MAO, AFP, AMM, legs, ALC, GLDH.

Myocardium Zymogram elements: LDH, ฮฑ-HBDH, CK-MB, CK, MB, ACE, LDHI, TNI, IMA.

The elements of renal function: UREA, UA, CREA, MALB, Cys-C, BMG, NAG, UTP, ฮฑ1-MG, RBP.

Glyometabolism elements: GLU, SGP, HbA1c, D3H, LAC.

Pancreas elements: ฮฑ-Amy, LPS.

Pepsinogen elements: PGI, PGI.

Blood gas electrolyte elements: CL, Ca, P, Mg, CO2, Na, K, Cu, Fe, Zn.

Rheumatism elements: RF, ASO, CRP.

The special protein elements: PALB, TRF, G6PD, DD3, C, C4, IgA, IgG, IgM, UIBC, CP.

Inspection of Hemagglutination topic: FB.

Technical Description:
Model Specification (713)/Box Package/Box Method Reagent test
YRA1 R1:48mlx2 R2:12mlx2 120ml IFCC Recomendation Method ALT
YRA2 R1:48mlx2 R2:12mlx2 120ml IFCC Recomendation Method AST
YRA3 R1:48mlx2 R2:16mlx2 128ml SZASZ Method GGT
YRA4 R:20mlx8 160ml Bromocresol Green Method ALB
YRA5 R1:48mlx2 R2:12mlx2 120ml Diazo 2, 4-2 chloro aniline colorimetric TBIL
YRA6 R1:48mlx2 R2:12mlx2 120ml Vanadate oxidation method TBIL
YRA7 R1:48mlx2 R2:16mlx2 128ml Enzymatic Cycling Assay TBA
YRA8 R1:48mlx2 R2:16mlx2 128ml Urease – glutamate dehydrogenase enzyme hydrolysis UREA
YRA9 R1:48mlx2 R2:16mlx2 128ml Enzymatic Assay Method CREA
YRA10 R1:48mlx2 R2:16mlx2 128ml Enzymatic Assay Method K
YRA11 R1:48mlx2 R2:16mlx2 128ml Enzymatic Assay Method Na
YRA12 R:20mlx8 160ml Mercuric Thiocyanate Method CI
YRA13 R1:48mlx2 R2:16mlx2 120ml IFCC Recomendation Method CK-MB
YRA14 R1:20mlx2 R2:20mlx2 80ml Immuno Turbidimetric CRP

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YRA1, YRA10, YRA11, YRA12, YRA13, YRA14, YRA2, YRA3, YRA4, YRA5, YRA6, YRA7, YRA8, YRA9


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