Epoxy-Coated Steel Basic Chemical Laboratory Fume Hood YR05813 // YR05816



Product Description

  • Front Panel
  • Liner and guide baffles 5mm thick anti melamine board
  • Window: 5mm thick tempered glass
  • Laboratory Dedicated PP cup
  • Built-in drain pipe
  • Lower Side Plate
  • Lower Back Plate
  • Built In Axial Fan, Air Collector and anti-corrosion hose
  • With wind Regulator
  • Upper side panel (1.2mm thcik galvanized steel plate. epoxy sprayed outside)
  • Built in LED tube
  • Fan and lamp Switch
  • Multifunctional splash proof socket
  • 12.7m corrosion proof solid core, physical and chemical board, mesa
  • Door frames and door panels
Technical Specifications
Model YR05813 YR05814 YR05815 YR05816
External Size (W*D*H) (mm)  800*650*1900 1000*650*1900 1200*650*1900 1500*650*1900
Internal Size (W*D*H) (mm)  600*600*750 800*600*750 1000*600*750 1300*600*750
Work Surface  Height  800mm
Max Opening of window   750mm
Air Velocity/Exhaust air volume  0.4-0.6m/s,800-1000m³/h
Noise ≤60dB
LED Lamp  10W*1
Blower  Built-in axial flow blower;Speed adjustable.
Front Window  Manual,5mm toughened glass,height adjustable.
Power Supply  AC220V±10%,50/60Hz;
Consumption  100W
Material Main Body 1.2mm thickness cold-rolled steel
with epoxy resin powder coating.
Inner Side 5mm thickness compact,resistant
to strong acid and alkali.
Work Table Chemical resistant phenolic resin,
thickness 12.7mm.
Standard  Accessory   LED lamp,Built-in axial flow blower with speed adjustable.
Waterproof socket*2
3 meter PP duct,Diameter:250mm
Optional  Accessory epoxy resin board or ceramic board.,Water tap,Gas tap,Water Sink
Outer centrifugal blower(300W),resistant to strong acid,alkali.
Gross Weight   110 110 115 120

Additional Information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

YR05813, YR05814, YR05815, YR05816


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