Fluorometer YR06062


Product Description

YR06062 is used for high sensitivity quantitative analysis of DNA, RNA and protein. YR06062 is available to do the fluorescence detecting for 8 samples in simultaneous. High precision detection method reduces the variation effectively. Easy and humanized software, intuitive user interface and rapid test method greatly shorten the testing time.

Technical Specifications
Model YR06062
Light source LED
Excitation filter Blue: 460±20 nm Red: 625±20 nm
Emission filter Green: 525-570 nm (45 nm) Red: 670-725 nm (55 nm)
Detector Photodiode
Throughput 8
Sample tube type 0.2 mL tube strip
Linear R²≥0.995
Linear range 4 orders of magnitude
Sensitivity (detection limit) <1 pg/uL (dsDNA HS)
Measurement time ≤6 s/8 samples
Input power 24 V 2 A
Operating voltage 100-240 V@50-60 Hz
External port USB (Type A) ×2, USB (Type B) ×1, LAN ×1
Display 7-inch touch screen
Size (D×W×H) 286×161×75 mm
Weight 2 kg
Storage capacity 20000 programs

Additional Information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 31 cm

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