Hand Wheel Pressure Steam Autoclave Sterilizer YR05669 // YR05672

Manufacturer:ย Kalstein


  • Fully stainless steel 304 structure.
  • Microprocessor control, indicator light indicates working status, water level.
  • Auto discharge the cool air, and steam discharging automatically after sterilization.
  • Hand wheel type of quick-open door structure.
  • Door safety interlock device.
  • Double scale indication pressure gauge.
  • Self-inflating type rubber.
  • Automatically shut off with beep reminding after sterilization.
  • With two stainless steel sterilization.
  • Standard PT/TT test interface is provided for convenient testing.
  • Emergency exhaust valve.
Safety Protection Device
  • Door safety interlock device.
  • Safe protection of water lacking
  • The program will be stopped if water level lower than the low limit.
  • The buzzer alarms when a cycle of operation is completed.
  • Over temperature&ย over pressure auto-protection.
  • Over current protector.
  • Safety valve of auto release against over-pressure.
Technical Specifications
Model YR05669 YR05670 YR05671 YR05672
work pressure 0-0.22MPa
Work temperature 134ยฐC
Working temperature range 105 โ€“ 134โ„ƒ
Sterilization time 0 โ€“ 60 minutes
average heat โ‰ค1ยฐC
chamber volume 35L / ร˜340ร—450mm 50L / ร˜340ร—550mm 75L / ร˜400ร—600mm 100L / ร˜440ร—650mm
product size 450ร—450ร—1010mm 510ร—470ร—1130mm 560ร—560ร—1130mm 540ร—560ร—1250mm
package size 570ร—570ร—1150mm 590ร—590ร—1280mm 650ร—650ร—1280mm 680ร—680ร—1370mm
GW/NW 72/56kg 88/68kg 100/80kg 110/85kg
Energy 2.5KW 3.0KW 4.5KW 4.5KW


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

YR05669, YR05670, YR05671, YR05672

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