LCD Display Pulsating Vacuum Autoclave With Printer YR05673 // YR05675

Manufacturer:ย Kalstein


  • Automatically controlled bymicroprocessor, LCD display of working status, touch type key.
  • Dynamically showed the temperature, pressure, time, vacuum rate, drying, alarm, water level, and the full cycle.
  • Fully automatically route for adding water, pulse vacuum, heating, sterilizing, draining, exhausting, vacuum drying.
  • Unique pulse vacuum drying procedure is designed, and the residue moisture of instrument less than 0.2% .
  • The vacuum rate can reach -0.081Mpa, it fits various instruments, including packed, unpacked, dressings, solid, A, B type hollow whether multi-apertures or inset pipes.
  • With 4 pre-set programs (Instrument, Textile, Rubber, Liquid), user-defined program, test programs (Bowie &Dick test, Vacuum leakage test)
  • The door gasket is made of high-quality silicone, high temperature resistant, durable and not deformed.
  • Equipped with water level cutoff sensor and water level indicator. If water shortage, the machine will stop running.
  • Equipped with the PT/TT testing connector, easy to run the testing.
  • Built-in high quality vacuum pump, to ensure effective removal of the air so as to get the optimum saturate steam, ensure the nice sterilization.
  • Equipped with 0.22 ยตm bacteria filter, ensure the sterile air enter the inner vacuum environment, avoid the second contamination.
  • Hand wheel type of quick-open door structure, self-inflating type seal.
  • Adopted Independent steam generator, with high heating efficiency.
  • Steam-water inner circulation system: No steam discharge and the environment for sterilizing will be clean and dry.
  • Automatically shut off with beep reminding after sterilization.
  • Fully high quality stainless steel 304.
  • Built-in printer, record the entire sterilization cycle.
  • Accessories: Drainage hoses, drain(exhaust) bucket, stainless steel baskets.
Safety Protection Device
  • Heater protection
  • Anti-dry heating
  • Safety interlock door: The program canโ€™t start up when the door is unlocked under normal condition. Door is locked and the door canโ€™t open when pressure in chamber.
  • Over-temperature protection: Adapt PT100 with accuracy class A for temperature control in chamber, collect temperature data in real-time, protect and alarm when temperature higher than default value.
  • Over-pressure protection: The relief valve starts to release pressure automatically when the pressure in chamber and steam generator exceed the default value.
  • Automatic release safety valve
  • Over current protect
  • Electric safety protective device: fuse protects control units when short circuit or overload occurs.
  • Overheating protection device: high temperature deviation in chamber actuates protective device cuts off the heating source immediately.
  • Vacuum pump overload: The vacuum pump stops and alarms once its motor is overload or blocked when vacuum pump running.
Technical Specifications
Model YR05673 YR05674 YR05675
Max. pressure 0.23Mpa
Working pressure 0.22Mpa
Max. temperature 136โ„ƒ
Working temperature 134โ„ƒ
Working temperature range 105 โ€“ 134โ„ƒ
Vacuum rate -0.081Mpa
Sterilization time 0 โ€“ 99 min
Drying time 0 โ€“ 99 min
Accuracy of temperature 0.1โ„ƒ
Heat average โ‰คยฑ 1โ„ƒ
Type Vertical Pulsating Vacuum Autoclave
Class Class B
Control Microprocessor
Door Hand wheel type quick open door
Display LCD display
Drying system Vacuum drying
Vacuum pump Built-in
Steam generator Built-in
Sterilization program Pre-set program + User-defined program + Test program
Water tank Yes
Printer Yes
Sterilization basket 2 PCS
Language English
Voltage ย 220-240V, 50/60Hz, single-phase
Chamber Size(mm) 50L / ร˜340ร—550 80L / ร˜420ร—600 100L / ร˜440ร—650
Outer Size(mm) 660ร—460ร—1160 700ร—520ร—1250 700ร—520ร—1250
Packing Size(mm) 820ร—600ร—1400 820ร—620ร—1450 820ร—620ร—1450
G.W. / N.W. 120/100 kg 172/142 kg 176/146 kg

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

YR05673, YR05674, YR05675

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