Micro-Spectrophotometer YR06033-1


Product Description

YR06033-1 is a perfect full-spectrum UV-Vis microspectrophotometer based on full wavelength range (200-800nm). Not only can it quickly and accurately detect nucleic acids, proteins and cell solutions with only 2 μl of sample, it is also equipped with a cuvette mode to detect the concentration of bacteria and other culture solutions, and then determine the growth of bacteria. YR06033-1 is added a new bacterial cell concentration test function. YR06033-1 uses 7-inch touch screen and is integrated with Android system, which do not need to connect to a computer. It can be efficiently and conveniently applied to various life science fields, and has become a routine setting instrument in many laboratories…


  • Android system, 7-inch capacitive touch screen, intuitive APP software, simple and easy to use
  • To detect the concentration of bacteria and microorganism are more convenient with the OD600 function
  • With a 2048-Element linear CCD array detector, the detection and display can be completed in 5s
  • Equipped with HD touch screen, no need to connect PC
  • When the YR06033-1 is idly left more than 5mins, it will switch off automatically. Then, the user can awake the machine by touching the screen
  • The data can be printed with built-in printer, and can output via USB for data analysis and storage
  • Turn on and instantly measure without lamp warm up time; full scan capability from 200-800m within 5 sec
Technical Specifications


Model YR06033-1
Wavelength range 200-800 nm
Minimum sample size 0.5-2.0 μl
Path length 0.2mm 1.0mm
Light source Xenon flash lamp
Detector type 2048-linear CCD array
Wavelength accuracy 1 nm
Spectral resolution ≤3 nm (FWHM at Hg546 nm)
Absorbance precision 0.003Abs
Absorbance accuracy 1 % (7.332Abs at 260 nm)
Absorbance range 0.04 – 90A
Detection range 2~4500 ng/μl (dsDNA)
Measurement time <5 S
Data output USB
Sample pedestal material Aluminum alloy and Quartz fiber
Operating voltage DC 24V 2A
Operating power 25 W
Standby power 5 W
Dimension (W×D×H) mm 210×268×181
Weight 2.8 kg
Software compatibility Android system
Light source LED
Wavelength range 600±8 nm
Abosorbance range 0-4 A

Additional Information

Weight 9,6 kg
Dimensions 50 × 49 × 31 cm

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