Total Organic Carbon Analyzer YR04949

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

  • Signal management system of our own national patent which has great advantages of online setting, real-time monitoring, self-testing and flow speed controlling ensure high performance and safe operation.
  • Low current system design ensures users safety.
  • Different temperature setting for various samples ensures complete sample digestion so as to get more accurate measuring data.
  • Adjustable cooling module power according to sampling volume which improves drying performance to ensure dry gas into the detector.
  • Automatic leaking check system to avoid operation mistakes, also improves instrument performance and ensures operation safety.
  • Flow rate controlling system to avoid any effect caused by flow rate fluctuation which ensures accurate data.
  • TOC detector with 24 bits data solution extends monitoring range.
  • Controlling system with 32bin processing technology greatly improves performance.
Technical Specification
 Model YR04949
 Detector NDIR
 Parameters TC, TIC, TOC, NPOC
 Digestion Mode High Temperature Combustion
 Operation Mode  PC Software Controlled
 Application Liquid Sample
 Gas Requirement Oxygen ≥ 99.995%
 Measurement Range 0-30000mg/l (ppm)
 Detection Limit 50μg/l (ppb)
 Repeatability 3%
 Maximum Salinity 85g/l
 Power AC220V, 50Hz or AC110V, 60HZ, 200W
 Size 430*455*440mm

Additional Information

Weight 53 kg
Dimensions 82 × 58 × 68 cm

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