Sterilization autoclaves, types and classes.

These equipment are especially used in laboratories to sterilize materials stable to heat, humidity and pressure; using a steam water pressure method, this being the most effective and fast; It allows to kill microorganisms, such as viruses, dangerous bacteria, sterilization uses the coagulation method to kill these microorganisms, there are materials that require a specific autoclave, depending on the conditions of the sample, according to the European standard EN 13060 of 2004, three basic classes of sterilization are distinguished.

Within the types of sterilizers are steam and vacuum, these same are subdivided into classes, we in KALSTEIN can offer you a series of sterilization autoclaves for your different needs, in the following link HEREย , you can clarify your doubts and verify the technical file of each product, and without hesitation our advisors will attend you by the same way.

Types of autoclaves

In KALSTEIN we can offer you a variety of types of autoclaves, which fit your needs, and each of them belongs to a class of autoclaves, first, we will establish the different types:

  • Table autoclaves.
  • Horizontal autoclaves.
  • Vertical autoclaves.
  • Desktop autoclaves.

Each one of them has a series of specific characteristics and conditions; furthermore, the models belong to different classes; this means that the functions of use of each one, varies according to these conditions; of each of them there are different classes, which allows us to know what kind of materials we can sterilize, this series YR autoclaves have the best conditions concerning technology and design.

Classification according to autoclave classes

The classes established according to the standard, focuses on the function and application of autoclaves, also takes into account the products or materials that we can sterilize in them; however, this classification only includes steam and vacuum sterilizers:

  • N-class autoclaves: lower-class autoclave, used to sterilize simple materials such as unpacked solid charges, has no vacuum pump, so no hollow or packaged materials can be sterilized, nor does it offer effective drying.
  • S-class autoclaves: is a class of intermediate quality, allows sterilization ย  individually packaged instruments, multilayer and solid instruments, are used in medical facilities where no complex hollow tools are used, also have fluid sterilization options.
  • Class B autoclaves: They are the most advanced steam sterilizers, sterilize all kinds of batches, including the most complex ones, are equipped with a fractional pre-vacuum, allowing complete elimination of air and free penetration of steam.

KALSTEIN-branded autoclave models

  • Table Autoclave Class N YR03395 – YR03400: works without steam generator, sterilization time and drying can be adjusted.
  • Table Autoclave Class B YR03387/YR03390: fully automatic, pre-vacuum triple fractionated, works with a precision method controlling pressure and temperature.
  • Table Autoclave Class B YR03385-B YR03385-C: automatic with pre-programmed sterilization cycles.
  • Table Autoclave Class B YR03385A – YR03385B-1:ย  higher performance autoclaves.
  • Vertical Pulse Vacuum Autoclave YR0048-8A-YR0049-8B: designed for liquid and food sterilization in laboratory, pharmaceutical and food factory.
  • Horizontal AutoKey: sterilization of unpacked solid instruments.
  • Vertical pulse vacuum autoclave (steering type) YR0048-8 – YR0049-8: Fast water cooling system for efficient and safe sterilization of liquids.
  • Vertical autoclave (steering wheel type): Sterilization programs for dressings, equipment, rubber, culture media, waste, etc.
  • Desktop autoclave class N YR03377: Rapid vacuum drying after sterilization.
  • S-Class Desktop Autoclave: Heating, sterilization, evacuation, fully automatic drying.
  • Horizontal pulse vacuum autoclave: Built-in high-speed steam generator, no external steam source, saves time and effort.
  • Large horizontal autoclave: fast, compact and versatile sterilizer.

Each model that we at Kalstein as a Laboratory Equipment company offer you, have different settings, and features ranging from the concept of different sterilization, you can observe it through our online shopping channels, at the following link HEREย we have a high demand for worldwide sales and we offer you the best staff for consulting and purchasing this product or other related medical products.