Use of Laboratory Vacuum ovens for Pharmaceutical Sector

The vacuum ovens is a laboratory equipment designed to dry heat-sensitive, comfortably decomposable and complex structure articles of oxidizable materials for fast and efficient emptying. They are also able to disinfect and sterilize glass materials.

Likewise the vacuum ovens has a strong enough cover to withstand the vacuum and vapor pressure of the cover. In addition, the drying supports feature shelves improving the surface that leads to heat transfer. In addition, the door seal is hermetic for greater security. It is connected to a vacuum pump that thanks to the functions of the condenser extracts moisture and controls steam.

In addition, within the pharmaceutical sector, the use of the vacuum ovens allows the variety of products that need manufacturing processes such as solid drugs, whether tablets, capsules, powders and containers, these are processed before being packaged and the vacuum ovens we offer in Kalstein, will allow the moisture of the products to be sufficiently low, thanks to its temperature range of approximately RT + 5-250 with a 0-999 minute timer.

Vacuum ovens Performance

One of the unit procedures of great demand in the pharmaceutical sector is vacuum drying, since various products require methods of manufacturing solid drugs, and the use of the ovens is the final stage before being packaged, being of great value that the moisture is properly low to prevent deterioration of the products during storage, ensuring that the properties of free eviction during use, reduce the volume of some powders, so that in this way the expenses are reduced and eliminate any type of delay in manufacturing. As a result, the duration, motion properties and compactness depend on humidity.

In this sense, the use of the vacuum ovens within the laboratory has become a universal tool and many of the qualities such as suction, drying, a vacuum of up to 1 mbar (absolute) is sufficient. In general, chemical membrane pumps are used for this application so that the vapors avoid corrosion and are resistant to chemicals.

Drying Processes with Vacuum ovens

For the drying of solids, samples that are thermally stable or wet can be dried in the vacuum ovens with the temperature regulators that characterize the equipment, where once sprayed are placed in glass containers and heated to an optimal temperature, to achieve constant weight. It usually takes a couple of hours to dry the samples. If the substance to be dried is unsafe with respect to temperature, vacuum ovens are ideal, as they do not alter or produce unfavorable changes.

In this sense, for the manufacture of medicines the vacuum ovens suitable for the work carried out in the pharmaceutical sector, provides the user with the safety of operation according to the requirements given by the manufacturer and under safe conditions. That is why in batch production of manufactured products will not be altered and will have the same characteristics. The ovens normally operates responsibly and meets increasingly demanding quality standards and obtains safe and quality products.

Vacuum ovens Brand Kalstein

At Kalstein we are manufacturers of the best Vacuum ovens on the market and at the best prices, they correspond to the YR series, used for biochemistry, pharmaceutical, medical care, environmental protection and other research applications for drying products and disinfection of various substances. It’s a stainless steel machine. It is comfortable and suitable for drying sensitive items quickly and efficiently. In addition, it works with 220 supply voltage. The temperature (ยฐC) RT + 5~250, and the timer range 0 ~ 999 minutes.

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