Using Electric Wheelchair for Hemiplegic People

Hemiplegia is a disorder that involves complete or partial paralysis of one half of a person’s body and causes physical disability. The cause of this is usually a stroke, however, it can be caused by other reasons, such as diseases that affect the cerebral hemispheres or spine. This disorder may be present at birth or occur at some point in life.

This paralysis, which is caused by hemiplegia, leads to problems speaking, communicating, eating, vision, memory capacity and hearing. For this reason, people who suffer from this disorder without cure, should enter a treatment to face their condition and learn about the care they should have in everything about their body.

Treatment of hemiplegia focuses on two points, treating problems caused by paralysis, and using drugs to reduce disability. This treatment includes the intervention of neurosurgeons, neurologists or physical therapists. One method to improve disability is physical therapy, which helps the patient suffering from paralysis to improve their body mobility, have balance and regain their strength. In addition, as an extra tool, the implementation of a wheelchair is necessary to facilitate patient mobility.

Electric Wheelchair for Hemiplegic People

The electric wheelchair is a support device for people who suffer from reduced mobility or disability, can move with greater autonomy. Being a motorized wheelchair, the patient has the advantage of being able to travel long distances without the help of another person and without doing much effort. This type of wheelchair is best for people who are unable to push a manual wheelchair or who need to relieve pressure on their shoulders and arms. That is why it is a good choice for patients suffering from hemiplegia.

Hemiplegia is paralysis of the contralateral half of the body. This disorder, when it occurs rapidly and acutely, is called stroke and results from bleeding or embolism. Regardless of the cause, what leads to this condition, is that the area of the brain is left without adequate blood supply, causing stroke and leaving an effect of paralysis and loss of brain functions on the affected side of the body.

When a person is affected by hemiplegia, their mobility and part of their leg, arm, face, and half-body limbs are affected. Treatment will require drugs and help to reduce paralytic disability, such as speech therapy, oral mobility and strengthening of the muscles of the face and, finally, physical therapy, so that they can improve their mobility and body strength. In addition, it is very important to use assistive devices, such as the electric wheelchair, as these help the patient move without much effort.

Electric Wheelchair

The electric wheelchair is a chair that has the same components as a conventional wheelchair, but instead has two extra elements, an electric motor and a battery, which are controlled by the patient through a joystick or other similar element. This type of wheelchair must be robust enough to travel at a speed of at least 5 km/h, so that it helps the user to function properly in open spaces.

The electric wheelchair is a useful tool for all people who have a disability or suffer from a disorder such as hemiplegia, which makes it impossible for them to move independently. This device is easy to use thanks to its simple mechanisms and makes the person feel safe and integrated into society.

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