What are Chambers of Culture?

August 30, 2022by Kalstein

The chambers of cultures, are peculiar units, capable for the growth of vegetables, plants, seeds, small living organisms such as insects, bacterial cultures, food, tests of product quality and other uses of experiments of light and constant temperature, allowing from the inside, adjust measures of climate and humidity. However, in addition to standard climate cameras, crop chambers are equipped with a lighting system that simulates the effect of sun exposure.

In this sense, the chamber adjusts to the propagation and growth of fertile crops, as a laboratory instrument, built specifically for the study of plant development. As well, they are ideal environment test units for biology, medicine, agriculture and livestock, forestry, research departments in environmental sciences.

Performance of the Chambers of Cultures

Through parameters based on climate control, temperature, lighting, humidity monitoring, etc., the development of biological functions directed towards the growth of the samples to be studied is achieved. Therefore, the culture chamber, leads to simulate the normal or optimal state in which the treated product would be, so that the need for development of the species is met in a controlled way.

For this reason, each sample requires a specific temperature, which varies according to the product. Room temperature control is required, up to 50 degrees Celsius, which is sufficient for growth experiments.

For this, the participation of lighting and humidity are essential because it would be necessary to be able to adjust the amount of light intensity and saturation, to simulate the transitions of day and night in the chamber of culture, known as photoperiod, for the achievement of the biological processes of the crops

Importance of Crop Chambers

A culture chamber is important for the study of plant development, as it is a laboratory instrument built specifically for its evolution.

In this sense, applied botany proves to be essential throughout history, in at least two fields fundamental to the life of all human beings, such as medicine and agriculture.

In this way, the study of plants, and the active ingredients they contain, has led to the development of drugs, both those totally natural and those supplemented with synthetic elements.

And finally, for the agriculture sector, the botany used is oriented to manifest one of the primary challenges of the century, and it is about, how to feed a world population in constant growth.

That is why the functions offered by crop chambers turn out to be very special for scientists, since it is shown that science, together with technology, will induce positive changes for human evolution.

Plant Growth Chamber Brand Kalstein

At Kalstein, we are trained to offer you the best medical equipment, capable of meeting all the demands of our clients. We provide the best technology, as is the case of the Vegetable Growth Chambers, belonging to the YR series, which has attractive characteristics, such as:

  • The unique air circulation, soft wind, to ensure the uniformity of the temperature. The five-level lighting can be adjusted, the coating is made of mirror stainless steel, adjustable shelf step up and down.
  • Double door design, built-in tempered glass display window, interior elements can be clearly seen.
  • Artificial climate chamber with built-in intelligent humidification systems of large capacity and automatic replacement by external tank. Introduction of green philosophy, use of Freon R134 refrigerant and make the system more energy efficient, a healthier environment.
  • The temperature control system with improved LCD screen, programmable microcomputer intelligent PID control technology, with synchronization, ultra high temperature alarm function.

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