What are the characteristics of an ion meter?

An ion meter is an electrochemical analytical device that is used to measure ion concentration in a solution. It is used with several ion electrodes (ISE).

An ion is an atom or a group of atoms with electric charge. This charged particle can be positive or negative. A cation is an ion with positive charge and an anion is one with a negative charge (atom or molecule). The ions are formed when a neutral (electrically neutral) atom loses or gains electrons. The anions have more electrons than protons and cations have a higher proton number.

Measuring the concentration of ions or measurements of specific ions through an ion meter can be performed in a wide variety of samples such as water, food, beverages, pharmaceutical products and samples of biological origin.

How does an ion meter work?

An ion meter operates through the selective ion electrodes (ISE) which are measuring instruments with a sensitive membrane capable of measuring ion activity. These devices measure the specific ion concentration in a solution using a sensor electrode and a reference electrode. They work through the ion exchange, where the potential difference that is generated when the electrode is in contact with the ion that is being analyzed. The activity of the specific ion is converted into electrical potential when it comes into contact with the active membrane of the selective ion electrode.

The measurement process in an ion meter is carried out by the use of two electrodes: the sensor and the reference, as already mentioned. The sensor electrode is responsible for the selectivity of a specific ion. And the reference electrode is used to calculate the potential difference.

Main characteristics of an ion meter

  • They are easy-to-operate equipment.
  • They are economic equipment, that is, low-cost.
  • They have a calibration of the meter.
  • Retention function.
  • They may include automatic paid.
  • Splash-resistant keyboard.
  • Extensive field of applications.
  • Manage extensive ranges of ion concentration.
  • They are not affected by interference caused by the color of the samples analyzed.
  • They can measure positive and negative ions.

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