What is a Rotary Evaporator for?

The rotary evaporator or rotary evaporator, is a device that is designed to separate different solvents from a sample, by distillation processes. It is performed, causing heating to the substance and thus separates all its elements using the difference of boiling points.

The rotary evaporator offers many advantages and is used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and even food preparation industries. Generally, there are manageable and computerized rotary evaporators, they can operate by vacuum pressure, a rotational speed, etc. They are highly functional and equipped in a schematic mode with motorized lift, vacuum regulator, vapor temperature display functions and automatic distillation function.

Rotary Evaporator Mechanisms

These equipment use functional mechanisms through a vacuum pump to reduce pressure, achieving the decrease of the boiling point of whatever you want to separate, causing it to dissipate easier. Also, they have an engine that makes the bottle where the sample is placed rotate.

This computer uses several components to function properly, including:

  • Motor: meets to make possible the rotation of the sample, to achieve a quick evaporation.
  • Vacuum pump: Subdues the influence of the system – optional
  • Evaporative flask: place the sample to be heated and evaporate.
  • Water bath: by means of this device, the sample is heated in a balanced and recorded manner.
  • Condenser: Allows to change the states from gas to liquid, when the liquid with the lowest boiling point is evaporated and achieves condensation.
  • Condensate collecting flask: allows the vapor entering the condenser to be thick, and is collected in this section.
  • Vacuometer: supports the measurement of pressure.

Accordingly, when the prototype is rotated the contact area is larger, and evaporation is faster. It also has a controlled heating system that makes the process more efficient

Usage Applications

In the pharmaceutical industry, the rotary evaporator is applied to separate elements from different types of plants for medicinal purposes, as they can be used to make medicines of natural origin. Also, for the chemical sector, it is generally used to separate substances. They can also be found in educational institutions, where they are used for teaching and research purposes.

Likewise, the rotary evaporator can be used for the preparation of juices, removing the most water. Previously, this equipment is employed as a molecular kitchen. This device is essential for many laboratories, as distillation is one of the most widely used methods, and the rotary evaporator allows it to be performed efficiently.

Recommendations for proper use of the Rotary Evaporator

In order to use the rotary evaporator correctly in the laboratory, the following points must be met:

  • Type of sample: You need to know the type of material or sample to work. For example, if acids or other corrosive chemicals are to be separated, it is advisable to select anticorrosive materials.
  • Temperatures: you should have control of the sample climate, since if you need to heat up to 95ยฐC, the water bath, is the ideal. For higher temperatures, fuel is used, where it can reach up to 180ยฐC.
  • Available space: Some mechanisms within the laboratory space, reach to dominate a considerable area, therefore, should be taken into account for its proper location.

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