What is an ultrasound scanner?

July 1, 2022by Kalstein

The ultrasound scanner is a medical equipment of general use, in which it allows the obtaining of abdominal, gynecological-obstetric images, small parts, vascular, as well as for cardiology and portable type, and intravascular images. Some means include attached transducers to provide more specialized programming, such as heart, vascular, endovaginal, endorrectal, or small-part scanning (e.g., thyroid, breast, scrotum, prostate).

It should be noted that thanks to the use of ultrasound scanners, simple, fast procedures are achieved and there are no restrictions, so the doctor can perform it whenever he/she deems it necessary, without it being essential to wait between one and the other. Such studies should be carried out in a laboratory, clinic or hospital, always under medical indication, to help in the diagnosis or treatment of various situations.

Thus, with the use of ultrasound scanning systems, two-dimensional images of the soft parts of patients without ionizing radiation can be captured.ย 

Ultrasound Scanner Mechanism

Ultrasound is related to waves emitted by this medical device to capture images, using frequencies ranging from 2 to 15 megahertz (MHz), and mechanical waves that need a transmission medium that have the normal properties of calculation, refraction and diffraction of waves, can be governed, oriented and manifested in a predictable way.

The ultrasound scanning system consists of central procedure units, user interface, display, recording devices and an electrical storage system.

By means of probes placed on the body of the patient, or in its cavities, ultrasonic images are obtained, which contain elements that convert energy into acoustic energy, and the transducer receives the echoes to be reflected in new signals, which are processed and transformed into images.

Types of Ultrasound Scanner

Within the medical care space, they must have devices capable of feeding information to professionals for the physiological study of patients, and as for the use of ultrasound scanners, it should be mentioned, that there are several of these devices, which are:ย 

  • Abdominal ultrasound scans.
  • Ultrasonic arteriography units.
  • Dedicated ultrasonic linear matrix scanners.
  • Ultrasonic gynecological scanners.
  • Obstetric ultrasonic scanners.
  • Ultrasonic renal scans.
  • Ultrasonic scanners for small parts.
  • Ultrasonic thyroid scans.
  • Ultrasonic urological scans.
  • Vascular scans.

Likewise, there are devices capable of performing three-dimensional (3-D) ultrasound in real time, which involves the advantage of volume per second and the visualization of volume measures, better image exposure and studies of the volume of interest.

These images are acquired using real-time hardware and software, stored and transferred via the operating mechanism, and the image can be enlarged for further examination.

The scanned structures can be calculated by calibrating the overlapping cursors on the image, calculating the size, delineating and measuring the area. The scanner has a data entry keyboard, which allows patients to enter data and be reflected next to the scanned and printed image. As well as other adjustable controls that allow you to manipulate the transmitted acoustic signal or received echoes to optimize the image quality.

Ultrasound scanner brand Kalstein

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