What type of wheelchair is recommended for seniors?

Older people are more vulnerable in many ways, and over the years they may become dependent or disabled. The presence of disability increases the closer to age 80, when complex health problems requiring specialized care become visible.

The problem may begin with sensory impairmentโ€”problems with vision or hearing. As a result, mobility problems can arise, even for fear of falling. The presence of architectural barriers such as stairs can become a major obstacle for a senior citizen, and therefore their routine can be impaired. That is why for many older people, the use of a wheelchair is indispensable, even within the home.

Factors to consider when choosing a wheelchair for the elderly

When a person’s physical problems are high and affect his daily life, it is essential to find a solution, in order to improve the quality of life of the same, to avoid isolation and monotony. The most common measure is the purchase of a wheelchair, which can have various characteristics depending on what is needed. That said, it is very important to analyze the following aspects before choosing one:

  • User mobility: The user’s mobility should be assessed at that time, but also note that the person’s ability to move may decrease.
  • Degree of user autonomy: Another aspect to be evaluated is whether the older adult wishes to move the wheelchair by himself or if he needs someone to move him, since in the first case it can be a manual or electric wheelchair, and in the second case, a transport device could be used.
  • Size: it is necessary to take into account the width of the seat, a very small seat can generate lateral injuries and a very large one, generate bad postures in the user.
  • Time spent in the chair: there are older adults who need wheelchairs for eventual use, however, others need it at all times, in these cases it is necessary to acquire a more comfortable, such as positioning.

Wheelchairs for the elderly

There is a wide range of wheelchairs for older adults, this can make it difficult to choose one if the characteristics and advantages of each are not known. However, the most important thing is always to consider the needs of the person who will use it. That said, wheelchairs that can be used for older people include:

  • Indoor wheelchair: comfortable and lightweight chairs, with small wheels that are not made for outdoors. They are designed primarily for people who will spend long periods of time sitting without much movement. Reclining models are available for added convenience.
  • Positioning wheelchair: allows the user to adapt various positions in the same chair, this helps to reduce the muscle aches that can arise from being seated so long.
  • Manual or electric wheelchair: The choice between an electric or manual wheelchair depends on the mobility of the adult who will use it. If you are an adult who still has strength in your limbs and also want to use them, a manual chair is ideal. Conversely, if the adult does not have enough strength in his arms, it is advisable to purchase an electric wheelchair.

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