What types of recirculators are available for laboratory use and what are their uses?

Laboratory recirculators are a type of equipment that allows the recirculation of a fluid between a tank or container and a process system. These systems are used in a variety of laboratory applications, from liquid recirculation to temperature regulation and equipment cleaning.ย Laboratory recirculators allow greater efficiency in work processes.

These systems can be used to heat, cool and/or filter liquids, and also to control and improve the performance of water treatment systems. Laboratory recirculators are also useful for fluid recirculation in mixing and homogenization systems, which helps ensure product consistency.

Recirculators are equipment used in laboratories to maintain a constant water flow. This water flow is carried out through a closed circuit. There are several types of recirculators including flow counter recirculators, temperature control recirculators and calibration recirculators. These devices are primarily used to maintain constant temperature and water flow, which is ideal for laboratory applications.

Types of recirculatorsย 

Laboratory recirculators are essential equipment for the realization of many processes in the scientific field. These are essentially circulating pumps specifically designed for use in these spaces. They have different characteristics, such as advanced control systems for heating or cold liquids, adapted to the highest quality standards. They are reliable equipment because of their simple handling, resistance, high pressure and excellent performance. For these reasons they become an indispensable tool in the laboratories of the future. Currently there are different types of recirculators, including:

  • Flow meter recirculators: are used to measure the amount of water circulating in the circuit. These recirculators can control the temperature, pressure, and amount of fluid in a closed system.
  • Temperature control recirculators: are used to maintain constant temperature in a closed system. These recirculators work by detecting the water temperature and regulating the output power to maintain the desired temperature.
  • Calibration recirculators: are used to adjust the water flow in a closed system to a desired level. These recirculators can measure the amount of water in the system, control pressure, and regulate the amount of fluid through the circuit.

Recirculators for laboratories

Laboratory recirculators are essential tools for liquid agitation applications in the field of biotechnology, life sciences and other laboratory applications. These devices are designed to maintain fluid circulation at a constant temperature, and state-of-the-art equipment can also help heat and cool liquids to a variety of temperatures. You can control the speed of circulation, the safety parameters for the system and the desired temperature limits. Modern laboratory recirculators are easy to install, operate, and maintain. In addition, they provide greater safety than traditional pump systems, as they can operate in a closed environment for many hours without stopping.

Recyclers also help save energy by using the thermal energy of the recirculated fluid to heat its contents. This reduces the amount of energy needed to heat and cool fluids, and helps reduce the cost of laboratory experiments. On the other hand, laboratory recirculators are durable systems that are identified for their reliability and low maintenance, this means that they can be used for several years without having to update or replace components.

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