Why is a gel documentation system important?

October 9, 2022by Kalstein

This equipment offers a number of benefits to laboratories so its use is indispensable, first of all it is designed for the detection and documentation of nucleic acids and proteins, thanks to its scientific camera of high resolution and high sensitivity allows to capture absolutely weak signals in very low light conditions, for example our Gel Documentation System KALSTEIN has intuitive software and automatic controls that helps researchers to increase the efficiency of experiments  

It is part of the equipment required in the laboratories of molecular, cellular and biochemical biologies, due to the option of backup and tests requested, for this reason it is important to have a system of documentation of gels from the point of view of scientific researchers, since it allows them to process the gels of systems of high resolution and multiple image recognition to ensure the quality of the results.

Importance of a gel documentation system

These are designed to meet the needs and budgets of the laboratories, offer solutions both in the capture and analysis of images, in addition to a system that allows to configure its operation according to the techniques used by each researcher individually, according to the model offered by the manufacturer this allows a high quality gel image.

They are able to perform a quick image capture and auto exposure, these images are automatically stored due to the use of their software, in addition to the durability of the equipment, has a transiluminator that to provide 30,000 hours of use, that is 3.5 years of continuous use, with the new advances in the software that has a blue LED light filter that allows the recovery of nucleic acids directly from the gel, without them suffering damage, unlike the old systems.

Benefits of a Gel Documentation System

  • It is a separate imaging system dedicated to basic gel documentation. 
  • Thanks to self-exposure, the acquisition process is as quick as it is instinctive.
  • It’s the ideal system for labs that don’t want to compromise performance with budget constraints.
  • It offers the best sensitivity and speed, and reaches the lowest detection limits for your DNA, RNA and protein applications.
  • Unparalleled ease of use and gel-like image performance.
  • It serves to observe, take photos and analyze the bands of gels after electrophoresis.
  • Magnify photos of gels, store, mask, program, place experimental reports in order, print and upload them. 
  • They reduce the operator’s operating times, so higher quality results are obtained than those obtained in a common UV transiluminator or in the gel-watching box.

 Characteristics of Gel Documentation Systems Models branded KALSTEIN

Our brand has two interesting models, which will respond to your broader needs: Gel System YR04963-YR04964, Gel System YR04961 – YR04962: 

  • The front panel and door are designed by Reaction Injection Molding. It’s environmentally friendly. 
  • According to the app, just use Arabic numbers, which are automatically combined into different apps, instead of the professional opening and focusing parameter.
  • You can use your machine with a standalone PC or a PC with an integrated touch screen. You should only press the “shift button” easily.
  • Compared to the traditional UV transiluminator, the “no lamp” design of UV SMART™ provides a uniform transmission and better background.
  • The magnetic interfaces of the thimble make a free change between the transmission of blue light and white light. The touch brightness adjustment switch makes it easy to observe and recover the gel.
  • Miscellaneous dyes, for example: Ethidium Bromide, SYBR ™ Gold, SYBR ™ Green, SYBR ™ Safe, GelStar ™, Texas Red, Fluorescein, DNA detection / RNA marked.

For technical information on these devices visit us at HERE

If you want to buy a system equipment of documentation of gels and you have doubt of which is the model that best suits the needs of the research center, please be aware to contact the best, this service we can offer you through our online channels and at the best price of the market, also if you want to know the catalog of high-end products that in KALSTEIN we have for you visit us HERE we assure you that through our online shopping channels that are very easy and viable from anywhere in the world, reminding them that we are Company manufacturer of Laboratory Equipment of high level sale.



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