Cytology: what is it and what is it done for?

Cytology is the practice of studying cells through a microscope, with this the appearance, form and function is determined. It is also used to detect abnormalities, viral infections in cells. These tests differ from a biopsy in that only cells are examined, not pieces of tissue.

In pathological studies, the basis of cytology, composes samples, by extraction and analysis in laboratories, through simple cytological methods and highly effective in the early diagnosis of many diseases.ย 

Conceptualization of Cytology

The cytology, is responsible for studying by means of various techniques, the assessment of the form, structure and phenotypic characteristics of them, through the microscope, which are: cells originating from closed cavities (peritoneal, pleural, spinal, synovial), structures connected to the outside (respiratory, urinary tract, female genital apparatus) or surfaces (skin, mucous membranes). These are obtained either in forced instrumental form (brushing, scraping, washing) or by taking advantage of body fluids (ascitic, pleural, synovial, cerebrospinal fluid, urine, sputum).

Its diagnoses are versatile, depending on the location of the lesion or area to be analyzed. The main use is to help in the diagnosis of cancer complications, as well as in the diagnosis of certain infectious and inflammatory diseases. Extraction methods are non-invasive or minimally invasive of any organ or tissue of the human body.

Techniques and Procedures of Cytology

The various advantages offered by the study of cells will depend on the specialty and quality of the reagents, materials used and continuous training by the pathologist. Since, interpretative and diagnostic quality, tries to face the practical order, for the correct evaluation of cells, and define the categories of the study. Since, any failure will leave undesired results, or in the worst case, a false positive of malignancy.

To do this, the study of cells from a certain practice can be approached by techniques, observed by microscopes, which are:ย 

  • Optical Microscopy: it has a maximum resolution of 0.2 ยตm, 500 times that of the human eye, so it provided increase but no resolution.ย 
  • Electron Microscopy: shows areas of bright color, equivalent to transparent and dark parts of the color that are opaque.
  • Scanning or Three-Dimensional Microscopy: The image is formed by the bouncing electrons when they come in contact with the sample surface, and bounce by projecting a three-dimensional image.

In this way, pathologists study the behaviors of cells, since cells are imperceptible in size by the human eye, only with the help of a microscope can amplitude be achieved. The need to enlarge the image that the eye cannot see, made to develop an essential element such as microscopes.

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