Surgical tables for extreme requirements

Surgical tables for extreme requirements are tables used in operating rooms to position the patient during a surgical procedure and it has an extreme stability that allows it to support up to 450 kg of weight, thanks to a design with modular system. These medical equipment like any surgical table consists of a main platform, on which the patient can sit or lie down and which is divided into several sections, and a central base that allows to adjust the height and inclination of the table.

The surgical tables use a power source to make the various settings, such as the height of the table or its inclination. We can find them in models of electric surgical tables and hydraulic surgical tables.

How are these surgical tables made for extreme demands?

The operating tables for extreme requirements have a unique coupling system that is very resistant to wear, are made of stainless steel, with laser manufacturing and padded resistant to disinfectant solutions, that is to say specialized tables that meet the requirements and conditions for any of the disciplines that are developed in operating room.

The height and inclination of the sections of the table can be adjusted for greater surgeon comfort at the time of the procedure. In addition, the table supports a multitude of accessories to provide additional support for the patient.

Advantages of surgical tables with extreme demands

  • They have motorized movement functions that make it easier to transport and position the patient.
  • They can support up to 450 kg.
  • They have a modular design that ensures saving money in time.
  • They have large margins of regulation of the column and the table board.
  • They offer great freedom of movement in the feet guaranteeing an ergonomic working position.
  • They offer ideal radio transparency due to their design without cross-beams and additional carbon segment.
  • Additional accessories are provided.
  • It has a comfortable operation mode both manual and by remote control.

What technical criteria should you consider when choosing a surgical table?

  • Size and available space: The first thing to consider is the dimensions of the table and the space required depending on their different positions. The patient’s position varies according to the type of surgery, hence the importance of taking into account the different table movements.
  • Power Mode: In case your choice is electric tables, for example, you will need a power supply nearby.
  • Compatibility of accessories: It will be necessary to check the compatibility of the table with the different accessories depending on the applications; these include leg rests, traction racks, or rear frames.
  • Security: patient safety is the most important thing. It will be essential to take into account the antibacterial, antifungal and flame retardant properties of the table surface. Not forgetting the maximum load the table can bear, in particular to avoid any risk of falling obese patients.

What do we offer you in Kalstein?

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  • The surgical table comes with a radio-transparent surface and is compatible with the C-arc.
  • Use comfortable pads that are easy to replace and clean.
  • The high performance hydraulic system is stable and ensures precise and quiet positioning.
  • The surgical table is highly maneuverable with two central brakes.
  • Easy position adjustment, through the controls below the section for the head

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