How are Recirculating Chillers used for Drinks Factories?

Recirculating cooling units are the equipment responsible for supplying cycles of heat reduction and continuous heat within industrial processes. These methods have a strong impact on production, operation costs and environmental conservation.

In this sense, the units meet with typical water expansion systems, have an evaporative condenser, where water is controlled by temperature cycles that handle the compressor capacity and the cooler.

For the production of various beverages, factories require considerable operations involving the raw material and various cooling and heating methods. For this reason, the recirculating chillers offered by Kalstein, play an important role for the beverage factories, because they are specialized units, achieving to maintain the purity of their processes.

These units are comfortable for the user and can be installed in the laboratory without worry, as it offers the type of uninterrupted service.

Capacity of Recirculation Coolers

Recycling chillers are specially designed machines to provide in each industrial process the efficient cooling or heating required by each operation, providing stability during all its processes. They are used in various industrial sectors, for the control of machinery temperatures, and are structured as follows:

  • Coolant compacted by water, dimensioned by the maximum cooling content required according to the processes.
  • Thermoregulatory zones.
  • Process pumps.
  • Temperature Control Valves.
  • Smart Touch Panel.
  • Made of stainless steel.

Finally, the recirculation chillers operate by transmitting continuous flow of refrigerant to the evaporator and achieves the desired temperature. The refrigerated fluid is then pumped out over the course to exclude heat from the equipment and be channeled back into the refrigerator.

They are very inexpensive equipment and require little maintenance, they are commonly used as independent units operating as small backup compressions.

Use of Recirculation Coolers for Beverage Production

Refrigeration systems are the ideal equipment to maintain the temperature of the machinery for making beverages, because they consume a lot of electrical energy, and with the use of chillers they reduce the conventional consumption of the machine. Each cooling stage handles within an evaporative influence that matches the required temperature, which favors high performance. By using cooling in the solutions provided by the recirculation chillers, they are able to reduce the consumption of conventional energy by 20%. These cooling units meet and enhance the functions of beverage factories to keep equipment cold during processing.

Also, in the beverage industry, manufacturing lines have different equipment consuming both electric and thermal energy, according to the requirements of production methods, and have significant potential for energy savings in its various stages of production.
It should be noted that the beverage industry comprises the following products: wines, soft drinks, ethyl alcohol, water, natural juices and beer. These end products are derived from fruits as feedstock and industries must have adequate inputs for such productions. Depending on the type of drink, the manufacturing processes include cycles of cooking, distillation, fermentation and cooling, where all machines fulfill their multiple roles by causing heating and recirculating chillers are useful to keep them optical and fresh. Are capable of:

  • Provide temperature control.
  • Profit from industrial strength.
  • Support for long-lasting operation.
  • They provide reliability.

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