Management of muffle residues in the laboratory

The muffle, is an instrument that works with high temperatures and is made up of a closed chamber that has a cover of refractory material that allows there can be a uniform heat delivery in it, the temperature that manages to reach is approximately 1,700 ยฐC. The muffle, compared to other types of furnaces, allows a better control of the sample that is entered, making it possible to control the procedure.

Muffle is a type of oven that carries out cooking processes of ceramic materials, although it can also be helpful to melt metals. In a laboratory, the muffle can be used to classify substances and residues, or for heat treatment of injection mold cleaning and hardening. This makes it a very useful team, both in science and in industry.

On the other hand, calcination is a process that involves heating substances at high temperatures to decompose them or change their chemical or physical state. This process is commonly carried out in muffles, which have the effect of making these substances fragile. The aim of calcination is to remove moisture, remove carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other volatile organic compounds.


The muffle is a closed chamber that is made of refractory insulating material, which allows high temperatures to be generated inside it without any problem, as long as what is introduced into it is also of the same material. The muffle should always be used indoors with an ambient temperature between 15 ยฐC and 40 ยฐC and an average humidity of 80 %. Failure to comply with these guidelines may jeopardize the temperature and stability range of the machine as well as workers.

In addition, the worker must wear clothing suitable for handling the muffle, such as gloves, apron, eye protection, among others. Also, to know the functioning of the muffle, it is important to know the parts that make it, in order to determine if it is functioning properly. Among the parts that have a muffle are: the internal chamber, heating elements, thermocouple, timer, temperature control, safety switch.

Types of mufflers

The muffle is a kind of oven designed to work with high temperatures, above 350 ยฐC. All types of muffle have the same elements, however, it is the decision of laboratory workers to choose which is the most adapted to their needs. There are two types of muffles on the market: fuel muffles, electric muffles and muffles with different principles. Each of them will be explained in detail below:

  • Fuel muffle: equipment that reaches high temperatures and has a heat source separated from the cooking chamber so as not to contaminate the sample with the flue gases.
  • Electric muffle: equipment used in laboratories to generate chemical and physical reactions as a product of the increase in temperature

Management of muffle residues in the laboratory

The muffle is a laboratory equipment used in the industrial field for the production of metals, and also in science, for the calcination of substances.ย  Any process that requires high temperatures goes hand in hand with the mule. For the calcination of substances, a heat treatment is carried out in which solid chemical compounds, such as carbonate minerals, are subjected to high temperatures, until impurities, volatile substances, are eliminated.

The purpose of calcination is to remove water present as absorbed moisture, remove carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide or other volatile organic compounds, reduce metals from smelting and oxidize part or all of the substance. To carry out the calcination process, a maximum temperature of 1200 ยฐC is required, being perfect the muffle for this task.

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