What is a viscometer?

It is an instrument that allows measuring the viscosity of liquids and their flow properties. These equipment have various applications and can be used in different substances and materials, such as oil, plastic, paints, coatings, adhesives, wax and asphalt. It is also used in the production of consumer items such as food and beverages, toothpaste, cosmetics and shampoo.

Viscosity can be defined as the resistance offered by the molecules that make up a liquid to separate from each other, that is, it is the opposition of a fluid to deform and this opposition is due to the adhesion forces that some molecules of a liquid or fluid have with respect to the other molecules of the same liquid.

Monitoring this property is essential, as it affects the performance of the liquid, for example, during its pumping or channeling, or its ability to submerge and coat other elements.

Applications of the viscometer

This equipment can be used in various industries, such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, petrochemical and petroleum, food and beverage, chemical and cosmetic. In addition, it has not only applications for product development, but can also be used in environmental testing, in forensic and clinical research and in the development of new pharmaceutical, biotechnological and food products.

The viscometer can be used to perform calculations in process engineering, where different equipment is involved, for example, allows analyzing the flow properties of milk, with the aim of designing piping systems for this product.

They can also be used for quality control of intermediate and final products, even in the production line. This facilitates the acceptance of products such as cheeses, snacks, yogurts, sweets, chocolates, creams, jams and syrups, as well as ensuring the consistency of batches.

It also facilitates the measurement of the flow process of the engine oil, under different temperature conditions and enables the analysis of the inks that are used in inkjet printers.

Considerations for choosing a viscometer

When choosing an instrument to measure viscosity, we must take into account the following aspects: the type of viscosity to be measured, the environment where the measurement will be performed (laboratory environment, in motion, elsewhere). Similarly, it is useful to consider the complexity or variety of materials to be measured.

Similarly, it is useful to consider the level of performance required, the most convenient and practical configuration (fixed or portable), operation or installation requirements, expected measuring range, cost ratio between performance, service life and maintenance.

Types of viscometers

  • Capillary viscometers.
  • Rotational viscometers.
  • Vibrational viscometers.
  • Special purpose viscometers.

Capillary viscometers are essentially laboratory instruments and there is a wide variety. In general, we can divide them into three groups, modified Ostwald viscometers, suspended-level viscometers for clear liquids and reverse-flow viscometers for clear and opaque liquids. Most of these devices are known by the name of their inventors.

Within the category of rotational viscometers we find, viscometers of coaxial cylinders, concentric spheres, rotating disk, cone and plate, cone-cylindrical and mixers or pallets.

On the other hand, vibration viscometers have a bar that vibrates. The amplitude of the vibration varies according to the viscosity of the liquid in which the bar is immersed.

In the group of viscometers of special purpose we have, those of mobile body, such as ball or falling piston, rolling ball, torsion, oscillating piston, universal Saybolt, among others.

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