Recirculation Chillers for the Plastic Industry

Initially, the use of recirculation chillers improve manufacturing and manufacturing processes, perfecting process times, designed to work with water pressures for the control of machinery temperature. Therefore, in many industries require cooling their production units and chillers provide these functions, becoming a chilling tool applied in a wide range of operations.

That said, Kalstein’s recirculation chillers meet consistent cooling parameters that eliminates hot areas and improves temperature. They are flexible, and different models to meet customer requirements. It also reduces energy use by up to 95% compared to other technologies. They provide clean water at desirable long-lasting temperatures. Cooling systems increase the efficiency in the processes silently, especially to be applied in the industry to inject cold air into the blowing and sealing machinery of plastic.

Recirculation Coolers Processes

Generally, the equipment used to make plastic molds may require refrigeration, to help hot units operate more efficiently and to give useful life to the equipment. They are ideal for cooling hot plastic and blowing molds.

It should be mentioned that recirculation chillers, with energy efficiency for process cooling and temperature control in the plastic industry, design challenges to keep machines and production-related mechanisms cool. Considering also, factors to achieve the maximum possible efficiency, taking into account the temperature management of the machinery in the plastic factory, they should generate 90% in the total cooling control, promoting also the longest useful life of the equipment.

In other words, recirculation chillers are essential for the solidification of plastic by custom cooling processes, containing a production volume and projection of the plant.

Importance of Recirculation Coolers

The cooling time of the machines responsible for the plastic molds is very important, because it is intended to improve production without impairing the functions of the molds, and taking into account that it is necessary to refresh each mold part, the use of recirculation chillers are necessary.

Inside the plants, a long waiting period is administered to cool the machinery so that it reaches a temperature acceptable enough to tolerate and continue with the manufacturing processes, and the integration of recirculation chillers is necessary to be able to control with precision the temperature required for the current industrial production and to a large extent to optimize the efficiency and quality of the product.

It should be noted that the recirculation chillers that Kalstein has, are the best viable alternative to be used by any industrial sector in search of the best solution to improve production almost immediately and maintain the vanguard in their sector, developing capacity with minimal capital investment, maximizing the productivity of the plastic molding and shortening processes by injection improving the quality of products. Finally, they are the best choice for innovative industries with a simple activity of moderate design and superior quality.

Kalstein Brand Recirculation Coolers

At Kalstein, we are manufacturers and pioneers in technological applications designed to build highly trained equipment and be used with full confidence. We have the Recirculation Coolers belonging to the YR series, have airtight circulation systems to prevent the bath fluid from evaporating or contaminating. It also has integrated filters to improve circulation and avoid difficulties. The non-CFC refrigerant is free of contamination. They have a compact design with attractive appearance and facilitate the confirmation of processes that improve their performance.

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