Use of Recirculation chillers to conserve chemicals

Recirculation chillers are equipment responsible for air-conditioning spaces by liquid or water-glycol mixing to create comfort processes and cool a product or equipment. Transforms water into hot or cold air as appropriate. It’s a two-in-one computer that worked under a vapor compression system, using refrigerants as part of the work. There are many types of refrigerants and they are used for each application and according to the temperature needed.

The operation of these equipment begins with the cooling cycles from the compressor, where the refrigerant is compressed to transmit to the condenser and come out as liquid, then the pressure drops and the temperature reaches the evaporator where it cools the water and is converted into air that provides comfort in the desired area.

It should be noted that these equipments are used for various industrial applications, providing immediate solutions under vapor comprehension cycles. To ensure its functioning it must be kept under preventive care and optimize its energy performance.

Using Recirculation Coolers

Recirculation chillers are technological units designed to maintain precise temperature controls and preserve chemicals within the laboratory, as well as maintain analytical instruments and other materials. They are commonly used for chemical processes, drug analysis, material testing and maintaining crop samples in optimal conditions.

A cooling mechanism with recirculation, are composed of fluid trays connected to the cooling systems, regulated by digital controllers. These trays are integrated for easy access and to prevent temperature loss. That is why chemical laboratories require water cooling units to ensure the sequence of processes and ensure accurate temperature at all times. In addition, with the use of these equipment, it provides cost-effective solutions to all systems required by the chemical industry and the preservation of products.

It has special features such as

  • Compressor: compresses the temperature easily to raise the pressure.
  • Condenser: The coolant fluids pass through the condenser to convert it into liquid.
  • Expansion valve: it is responsible for expanding the refrigerant and with high pressure.
  • Evaporator: The liquid flows through the evaporator to become a gaseous state, absorbs heat and then cools the desired area.

Recommendations and Benefits

It is recommended to study the functions of the equipment to symbolize the best cost benefit during the life of the system, considering the energy power, the supervision of a technician, factory safety, as well as the environmental impact of the equipment. They are equipment designed to be used with pumping and heating capacity for various applications, it is an economical option because it offers a service ranging from room temperature, plus 12ยฐC to 140ยฐC.

In addition, it allows a wide production and efficiency with cooling power with the best digital sophisticated technology, guaranteeing the power of temperature cycles. Made with stainless materials for the different capacities and diversity of depth measures for the greatest malleability of the application.

Finally, it offers multiple advantages, such as

  • They’re easy to use
  • They use a user interface to make it easier to use the equipment.
  • They’re performance teams
  • Provide high cooling capacity
  • Maximize reliability

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